The Unbelievables (World Cup Day 10)

First the goal from Messi.

It’s an honor to see the same live while it happened and not as part of some highlight next day. It’s one of those moments when you realize that like football in life only few moments actually matter coz rest of the time life sucks. Argentina slogged the whole time to make any dent into Iran’s defense. And it took one breathtaking shot from Messi at 93rd minute to make all the rest 90 minutes effort worth the watch.

Then the Ghana’s maverick game to put German hopes in order.

Ghana went down first then came back, then went ahead & made Germans put all of their extra ammunitions to come back. That’s what a team having lesser known players but with determination, discipline & immense foot power can do to the best teams. Ghana has always been the star of Africa and hence they took the Germans head on. Not like other teams who play to frustrate & break-through rather attack & take chances.

And this is what has been the hallmark of this world cup that most of the weaker teams on paper are actually playing unbelievable game.