The Favorites (World Cup Day 6)

They play in front of their home team. With team’s net worth in millions. And being primary target of hope to win this time’s championship for analysts & enthusiasts around the globe. But Brazilians have not shown the promise nor the inclination to match those hopes.

Their mediocre performance against Croatia could be seen as warming up. But last night’s game against Mexico was just not acceptable.

Brazil will reach the round of 16. But if they don’t want to shame themselves by getting thrashed out of there they need to get rid of Fred, ask Neymar to pass a bit more and make players hold the ball longer than 30 seconds.

Having said all that, Mexican goal keeper’s some out-of-this-world saves also contributed to Brazilian misery.

Another interesting match was between Belgium, team full of skillful EPL players, & Algeria. Belgium won but not convincingly.

South Korea, always an interesting team to look forward to, drew with Russia, they will play better in next World Cup in front of home crowd