The Desolation (World Cup First Semifinal)

Brazil lost to Germany by 7 goals to 1

Father called me half an hour into the game (it’s 2 o’clock in the night here) to check whether there is any need to watch the game any more. He had a heavy voice. I could sense the sadness. Brazil was trailing by 5 goals by then.

He was not the only sad person. More than 60 thousands in the stadium and millions all over the world, saw the brutal demolition of their dreams 1

I don’t know how Brazil could ever come back from this defeat. This one will haunt them for a long time unless they win by a similar margin in their next match for 3rd place. But it won’t be easy.

Match started with a positive energy but that lasted for first 5-6 minutes only. And then one goof-up after another by pathetic Brazilian defence made Germany score almost as casually as a father playing with his kid. They scored 5 goals in the span of 6 minutes.

Scolari should take the 80% of the blame for his laughable & disappointing team selections all through the tournament. Fred played almost in every match till now and he could hardly move himself. David Luiz showed Neymar’s jersey during the anthems and then let him down with his usual callous activities in the defence. Other new faces ,Dante & Rosa, whom Scolari brought in the defence to cover for the loss of Silva were total let-downers by not tracking men & lazy holding of the ball (that resulted in one of the goal). Maicon and Marcelo were all over the place. And Hulk never could find the ball or space to create any chances. May be he was missing Neymar more than anyone else.

Germans also showed lack of balance and discipline for the first time in the tournament but they were clinical whenever they entered into the Brazilian d-box. Also their defence was highly impenetrable when Brazilians woke up for sometime in the second half. They still use the whole breadth of the field when they counter-attack which made Brazil go helter-skelter in the back. Germans deserved the win and also the that gala of goals.

Last night would be considered a black letter day for Brazil and they need to do a lot if they have to recover from that disaster.

Germans on the other hand played like true champions and rightfully deserve the cup.

  1. Visuals of those sad faces here ↩︎