Still waiting for the first draw (World Cup Day 4)

Ecuador had the closest chance to have it but then the Swiss scored with 30 seconds to go in the 93rd minute.

Avg. goals per match now is 3, which is a lot by the standards of world cup. For me, it is that teams are playing more aggressive than ever before and players are confident enough to take shots on goal. Overall it’s highly entertaining.

But then there are also some yawners as players from those team whom analysts favor to win the cup are playing really below-par. One of them was Lionel Messi.

I watched the match just to see if Argentina can be safely assumed the cup contender from South America as Brazil was disappointing. But they all are playing safe.

France thrashed Honduras with Benzema all over them. They got so pissed off that one of them went out with a red. But again France did not play like champions. So, it’s still Holland, from Europe, who are safely in that place, for now.