Retribution (World Cup Day 2)

flying dutchman

Beautiful game as it’s called. Determined men from Holland showed a glimpse of that on the second day.

On the one hand we saw that brazilians know how to make grounds that can withstand harshest of showers during Mexico - Cameroon match. And on the other hand, we came to see a match that can very easily be termed as lyrical football.

Van Persie & Robben defied age & shown their class by mesmerizing spectators & the sport itself with their goal scoring abilities. I was much impressed with Robben as he is one of those players who know how to strive to reach the right place at the right time.

Holland made some mistakes in the first half but boy the way they played second half - flawless. Spain were not that bad but they had no option but to just fall infront of Dutch awesomeness.

Nothing is for certain how any of today’s performances can turnaround anything going forward but one thing is for sure, Spainiards are mortal again.