No beauty any more (World Cup Third Place)

Brazil lost to Netherlands 3-0

It was painful watching the carnage at Bela Horizonte against Germany, but it’s irritating watching the indiscipline against Holland last night.

As the game ended and the crowd booed the home team while they disappear, it seemed whole era & hope of “the beautiful game” ended. Current Brazilian players except maybe Neymar (that too in spurts) have no sense or intent to play such a game. And the chances of any resurgence in the future of the same is bleak.

I would rate their performance against Holland much worse than Germany. They got all their time to prepare after last week’s catastrophe and they must be knowing that some way, if that pain could be made a little bit bearable was a win. However, they came to the field just to get done with the game. There was no plan or urge to win. Neither did they enrich the senses with their gameplay.

Holland on the other hand actually corrected many mistakes they did during the game against Argentina. The rest of the task done my usual mediocrity of Brazilian defense.

Brazilian football needs a serious Renaissance of sort to withstand the rise of quality in teams around the world. Or else they and their game would just become a sad memory, may be good for some study & reminiscing.