Late awakening (World Cup Day 15)

It was the last day of the group stages. And there were heavy rains that was supposed to delay the game between USA & Germany.

That didn’t happen. And also the game did not went into a draw, like I was hoping. Both of the teams could blame rain Gods for being cruel to the players who were having really tough time holding, controlling or kicking the ball. There were mis-passes, slip-ups and eventual slow-down. The game started with the German flavour, showcased by both the team (yeah USA as well). However, very quickly it became a game played only in the mid-field. It was boring.

So I switched to the other game being played at the same time, under proper football weather. Sunny and exuberant. Portugal & Ghana both needed a win and that too one having lots of goals. And hence best player of the respective teams tried hard.

Ronaldo especially was running pillar to post and showed real sense of urgency. He was skilful in the mid-field creating chances and passing quickly & exquisitely. His attempts on goal were exotic and tragic at the same time. None of them reached their intended destination. Blocked either by human or wood.

Ghana also, via Gyan, kept their hunt for goals going till the last time. And in the process made mistakes by scoring against themselves.

Eventually Portugal won, Ronaldo scored but none of them were enough. Portugal joined other European expatriates.

And then later Algeria moved to the next stage after a long wait and with commendable aggressive gameplay.

Also, Suarez is debarred from anything football for the next 4 months. May the peace be with him.