It's getting sweet (World Cup Day 12)

It started a bit scrawny and with a tad too much cautiousness. Teams are now getting the hang of the climate, crowd & the game itself.

Brazil played their best game of the tournament against Cameroon. Cameroon being a soft target produced few rare scares & an equalizer as well. But then Brazil was all about their original samba style play of deft touches and dancing bodies all around.

Neymar, in particular, was especially dancing around the ground and was available everywhere. He was one time in the back guarding a player, snatching the ball, rocking the mid-field and then criss-crossing Cameroon defense. He scored two goals and both of them showed two different sides of his class - first his timing and second his Brazilian origin.

Brazil still need to patch their defense as more than once Cameroon’s forwards breached into it. If they can do it then Chile, their opponent in next match, could also do it.

Coming to Chile, they also played against much worthy cup contender, Netherlands. The match resulted in a loss for them but it showed Netherland’s lacklustreness without their star forward Van Persie. Robben was in his usual professional sprinter mode and produced a marvellous second goal. But overall, it was not the team that destroyed Spain.

Spain also consoled themselves with a win over Australia.

The tournament is already in the settlement & elimination mode. And the beauty of the game is showing off more and more now.