Gotta have nerves (World Cup Knockouts Day 1)

Brazil took it to the wire against Chile and Colombia never rested peacefully against Uruguay. Both of them won and would play against each other in quarters. That I’m expecting to be another tense match.

Brazil vs Chile

Hulk played his best game of the world cup. And Neymar was not himself, may be coz of the early injury & tension of the big match. But Hulk missed his penalty & Neymar delivered with aplomb.

Brazil suffered from Scolari’s undeterred belief in Fred. He was invisible most of the time & useless in the time of need.

Their defence, again, showed it’s loopholes in the form of sloppy clearances & opening to quick & pressing counter-attacks. That is going to haunt them more badly if they come face-to-face with Germans in Semis.

Brazilians are still unable to penetrate into a walled defensive strategy. Their tiki-taka style of play need opponent to also attack and make space for Brazilian forwards to spread their legs. Teams are now aware of that incompetence & act accordingly. Resulting in a massively confused Brazilian mid-field.

Julio Ceasar made couple of important saves during the normal play and couple of amazing ones in the penalties. He was the hero of the day. Along with Hulk.

Colombia vs Uruguay

Colombia were lethal in their aggression & pace, skilful in their deliveries and composed during the attacks. They were surely the best team against the unexpectedly active Uruguayans. Uruguayans played almost the same as Colombia but they lacked the finishings. And they should blame Suarez for that.

And in quarters

When Brazil will play against Colombia, sparks will surely fly in the attack but the defence is what would make the difference. I hope both of them would learn from their mistakes. I would give Brazil a bit more awareness as they were almost out whereas Colombians got it a bit more easily.

But I might be wrong. And would get all my nails out during that encounter.