Cliffhangers (World Cup Day 11)

This world cup is turning out to be more nail-biting than expected.

The match between Portugal & USA was really amazing. USA played like a real football playing nation, although they still don’t call the sport with it’s correct name. And Portugal, although showed some sign of coming out of their fatigue still played sub-par compared to the star power it consists of.

Ronaldo could actually call himself the saviour with his scintillating pass, just 30 seconds remaining of the game. He would have to do much more than that in their last game against Ghana.

USA on the other side are much more formidable team than I expected them to be. It would be a shame if they don’t make it to the next round.

Belgium, the true dark horse as many are contemplating, took almost the whole game to score just one goal against Russia. That does not mean they did not play well. They are very composed and play a discipline game like most of their players are taught in England. I’m still in double minds as to how far they are going to go. May be till quarters.