Bad mouthing (World Cup Day 13)

Italy became the next European to thrash out of the world cup. Thanks to their dispirited & hopeless performance. They played to draw and lost to a team who also had no inclination to win.

Uruguay needed a win, not like Italy who required a draw to move on, but they played like they knew it’s not gonna happen. Most of the players looked fatigued much early in the game. There were lots of brash interaction and flying bodies. Balotteli, in particular, was both on the receiving as well as delivery end of those attrocities.

But the highlight of the day and the days to come was the incident when Suarez bit Chielleni. That was both hilarious and tragic.

In my opinion, no player is bigger than the game and hence he should get the worst possible sentence for it.

Football being a aggressive and highly energized game often taken as a all-is-fair-in-the-field kind of attitude. Time & again and in irony, game’s best players happened to commit such unapologetic actions. And most of the times they don’t get the right treatment coz the game would need it’s stars.

Being a game of working class, it encourages bitterness in competition and unfairness in the course of the game. Very much like life. But it should be taken as sad mistakes, not as part of the gameplay.

England did massive replacements for their last match against Costa Rica. But failed to score.

In other matches, Greece moved to the next round, for the first time in it’s history, winning an interesting match against Ivory Coast. And Columbia continued their amazing form by destroying Japan 4-1.