Appalling favorites & fearless goalkeepers (World Cup Knockouts Day 4)

Argentina pathetically won their knockout with Switzerland. And Belgium - USA produced another gem of a match of this world cup.

Argentina vs Switzerland

Both of those teams should not be part of the quarters. Their approach towards game was absolutely appalling from the outset.

While Argentina never got the hang of the ball or the field, Swiss players were confused whenever they got the ball and in the process could never contain it for any substantial amount of time.

Messi was not playing his self like he did in the match against Nigeria. He was getting less and less balls from his helpless teammates. And during those few moments of him with ball, almost 3 Swiss defence was right on top of him. Moreover, as and when he tried to create any chance by passing it to a player, they went for personal glory leaving Messi gasping.

He did got Maria open in the dying minutes of the extra time. That brought the end to an already drooling game.

Belgium vs USA

This game on the other hand was fast, skilful & overwhelmingly interesting.

Belgium played like it’s the finals and USA proved they are not the team who could not yet name the sport right. Both of the teams were hungry for goals and they showed real emergency to achieve them.

And then there was Tim Howard. He created world record by saving more shots on goal than any other goalkeeper. His performance was the real inspiration for both his teammates & the viewers like us.

This game also went into extra time. Belgium scored twice and USA scared them with one (what a goal that was from Green)

And in quarters

I’m going to cheer for Belgium when they will play against Argentina. After Germany, they are the best team that’s gonna play in quarters. And I am starting to believe that a final between them would be more enticing than any South American component in it.