I'm middle class...which does make for productivity

Woody Allen in this bare-it-all interview:

You wouldn’t consider yourself crazy?

No, no. My problem is that I’m middle-class. If I was crazy I might be better. That probably accounts for my output. I lead a very sensible life: I get up in the morning, I work, I get the kids off to school, do the treadmill, play the clarinet, take a walk with my wife. It’s usually the same walk every day. If I were crazy, it would help. If I shrieked on the set and demanded, it may be better, but I don’t. I say, “Good enough!” It’s a middle-class quality, which does make for productivity.

His enthusiasm at his age of 79 and the way he depicts his art is inspiring & unique respectively. Its a difficult job to have perfection, which in some ways is a nondeterministic endeavour, & also to not go crazy with the same stuff or without any new stuff coz the last thing took so long. Being a musician at heart he wants to churn out new piece like doing a jam onstage - no idea what will come next, you just play & keep on playing