WC 2018: Day 6: African Might

Senegal 2 - Poland 1

African teams are always passionate and hard-working which makes them fun to watch. And there will be some lone star in those teams who would play many roles – motivator, leader, and executor. Sadio Mané might not be Didier Drogba but he still infuses a lot of enthusiasm among his teammates. Senegal displayed all that might against Poland. It was refreshing to watch them go on with the same stamina and power in the 90th minute as they had in the beginning. They were skilful in the midfield, had a solid defence & nice strategic gameplay. Some of their issues lie when they enter opponent’s penalty box. Their shot selection, execution and collaboration in there was weak. Also, they need to work on their set-pieces. Mané seemed pale and was playing way back. Maybe coz he was not sure of the kind of support that he gets while playing for Liverpool. Or maybe he was saving his skills for those big matches. I would like to see them in the next round(s).