WC 2018: Day 5: Belgian rise and English dilemma

A day with less drama. Still, England maintained their tradition of displaying careless game-play in the world cups.

Belgium 3 - Panama 0

It was a game between a team of battle-tested individuals against the World Cup debutantes. And it concluded with an expected outcome. But Panama could constrain Belgians in the first half. In the second half, their legs gave up. Belgian game in the second half had glimpses of fine play which is worthy of a notice. Belgians might have a good shot at the crown, unlike their group mate –England

England 2 - Tunisia 1

English struggle in world cup finals continues. They took 91 minutes to score the winning goal. Against a team which struggled to keep the ball to themselves. Even though the English players pushed deep most of the time, their game was unconvincing. It will take a lot than what the English have showcased for a better progress this time.