WC 18: Day 3: Advent of Technology & Icelandic Wall

Somehow I could never appreciate use of unnecessary technology in sports. They diminish the charm of human nature & it’s flaws to produce something highly mechanical, predictable & boring. Cricket is already progressing towards such a future of replacing human umpires with robots. Football has avoided such modern luxuries till now. Not any more.

France 2 - Australia 1

Both goals of France were thanks to the technologies - goal-line & VAR which were the only interesting situations of an otherwise boring match. Australians had a highly defensive strategy against an half-hearted France.

Argentina 1 - Iceland 1

Messi’s folks could not breach the sons of Iceland (pun intended). It’s sad to see Messi giving everything & failing in front of the Icelandish giants. Apart from blocking Argentine attack they could also show huge gaps in Argentine defence. These are exactly the kind of games fans like us tune in to the World Cup finals for.