WC 2018: Day 2: Last minute surprises

As Yogi Bera rightly said

It ain’t over till it’s over

All games yesterday had some tricks to offer in their last few minutes.

Uruguay 1 - Egypt 0

It was a game between hard workers & opportunists. Egyptians played hard as Salah watched from the sidelines hoping his team to hold on for few games. They made most of the tough moves against a team who are half-hearted during most of the game till they got their act together around final 5 mins. Suarez was useless and Salah helpless. Hope their fate changes in subsequent matches.

Morocco 0 - Iran 1

An anti-climatic finish to an otherwise fluid game, especially from the Moroccans.

Portugal 3 - Spain 3

A much-hyped game which got overshadowed by one prized individual’s immaculate skills. Ronaldo’s equalising free kick in the dying minutes was what we call in India total paisa wasool (bang for the buck). It was so good that Spanish goalkeeper also paid respect to it by just seeing the beauty swirling inside. Spain dominated most of the game playing passes to each other (what they call as tiki-taka). And Portugal waited for Ronaldo to sprint, kick & bend.