WC 2018: Day 19: Boring drama

Knockouts Day 3

Sweeden & Switzerland should be banned for playing the most boring game of the World Cup. And England narrowly missed their exit.

Columbia 1 (3) - England 1 (4)

Watching English players on the field is like watching a Twitch stream of someone playing the latest version of EA Sports’ FIFA. Their gameplay and style were so mechanical that it bored me to death. Columbians, on the other hand, showed exquisite legwork whenever they found time after doing those unnecessary pushing, shoving, and play-acting drama. The game was more of reality tv than a real sport. I pity the referee who should avoid travelling to South America anytime soon. England’s path till finals henceforth is easy (assuming Croatia don’t panic against Russia and then get beaten by the English luck). Also, their next game should be called off by sending Sweeden home for wasting the time of thousands of spectators with the most dreadful game of the tournament against Switzerland.