WC 2018: Final Day: Game of the champions

The Final

Croatia 2 - France 4

It could not have been more engaging and dramatic than what unfolded as one of the best World Cup finals of recent times. The game started with Croatians putting their heart and soul into the game. They created the first scare for France and were relentless in their pursuit to score early. It was first 15-20 minutes of a gripping game of Croatian attack & pressure tactics. Unfortunately French got it past Croatian net for no credit of theirs. Croatian reply by the amazing Perisic was spellbinding. VAR came to the rescue of France as it’s been from their first game. I believe the resulting penalty was the turning point of the game.

The second half belonged to France. They showed their class with superb ball control and creative ball passing. Both Pogba’s and Mbappe’s goals were astounding. They are the signs of a team worthy of being a champion. Croatia, in the end, succumbed due to a bit of bad luck and a better opponent.

As the curtains dropped, I consider this edition of the World Cup to be one of the best of the modern era. It was full of honest surprises and impressive comebacks. But more than ever this World Cup was for those who dared to dream and deliberated on it by having fun rather than for those who either got complacent or were bored with the game.