WC 2018: Day 23: Croatian dream run

Semifinal #2

England 1 - Croatia 2

Ivan Sršen describing the mood as Croatian goalkeeper saved the decisive penalty against Russia in quarterfinal

For a brief moment at least, to me and perhaps to all of us in the bar, it felt as though the war was finally over.

Ivan also talks about the legacy of Croatian football and background of some current Croatian players like Modrić and Lovren. It highlights the significance of Croatian progress in this World Cup.

Football, the so-called beautiful game, only needs a pair of legs and pile of passion. That way it binds people from every stratum of society.

Last night the Croatian players showcased matured & infallible football. It was a gripping game. Barring that superb 4th-minute free-kick, England had nothing to showcase in the whole 120 minutes. The Croatian players, like their coach, had a unique sense of calmness and deep focus. Which led them to dominate England in the whole match. England, as I have earlier mentioned as well, lacked both individual skills & collective playmaking. Their early lead was never meant to stand against the pressing Croatian attack.

Croatia will face a much tougher & skilful opposition in France in the final. They should work on improving their pass accuracy and man-tagging in the back, especially for the speedster Mbappe. But this nail-biting win over England should lift their spirits. They will attempt to cause the unthinkable for their country as they have done with their lives.