WC 2018: Day 22: Les bleus le progrès

Semifinal #1

Belgium 0 - France 1

Kylian Mbappé is a revolution. 4 mins in the match the way he ran from midfield to almost inside the Belgium goal post with the ball set the tone of the rest of the match. It would have been more misery for Belgium if his out of form teammate Giroud would have converted some wonderful passes. Belgium suffered from a lack of interest shown by their centre-forward Lukaku. He hardly kicked the ball in the overall match. Hazard was persistent & De Bruyne tried his best to create chances from the flanks. Second half substitution of Mertens brought some much-needed energy to the team. But they suffered from a similar conundrum that Brazil had against them in the quarterfinal. France after scoring the crucial goal went to a full defensive mode. Which was kind of expected. It was a nice game & I feel bad for the Belgs. This was the best team they could ever have. France on the, on the other hand, is clear if Mbappé maintains his pace & check his cheekiness.