WC 2018: Day 21: The English March

England has the best chance to go for the cup and hosts, unfortunately, had to stop at Quarters.

Sweden 0 - England 2

This English team is playing like a well-oiled machine. Lacking individual skills they rely more on each other & set pieces to deliver. And they are doing that pretty well. They now have clear shot to the finals. And depending on who will stand on the other side if this team play sensibly they might do the unthinkable.

Russia 2 (3) - Croatia 2 (4)

It might be the loudest game of the tournament. Much of that roar was for host nation Russia. Russians did not disappoint at all. It was a game of blistering pace & passion. Croatia, as I had previously pointed out, is playing with all their heart. They have not shown any sign of big tournament chill like many other underdogs. Which make their case against England in semis pretty interesting.