Has Twitter's moment finally come ? - Who cares !

Twitter’s always in news, whether it’s Snowden being a Verified User from the first day drama or high anticipation of Steve Jobs style comeback of it’s original founder Jack Dorsey. All of them to me is media circus and nothing else.

However, folks are also talking about another thing that Twitter has launched along with it’s new CEO - Moments.


Moments is designed to untangle some of these complexities by relying on curation to surface such conversations. Both Twitter’s staff and its partners—including NASA, Major League Baseball, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and BuzzFeed—will package tweets into collections, which will show up under a new tab called Moments.

Ben Thompson:

That’s right, Twitter just reinvented the newspaper. It’s not just any newspaper though — it has the potential to be the best newspaper in the world.

I don’t know what it is coz it’s US only. Which in itself is so stupid. How can something related to curated / aggregated news be limited to one geographical region and considered amazing, great and ground breaking

When all of this is happening, few intelligent people are still breaking their head solving the most mind-boggling problem of our time - the limit of 140

Dave Winer:

I had a few minutes to spare this morning and decided it would be worth it to see what a Fat Tweet might look like, one that has room for more than 140 chars, that doesn’t force you to click a link to see the rest.

John Gruber:

I think Twitter will do something different. I think they’ll preserve the 140-limit for the tweet itself, but add “text” or maybe something richer, like “story”, as an attachment type

I think Twitter & all the new faces around there is going to do something drastic and that’s gonna completely destroy the current experience.

By the way, I’m planning to be more regular in my blogging, as long as it last. With that in mind, I’ve made some nice changes to my Ghost setup so that I could have link blogs & also cross-post to Medium.

I am planning to do the same things as I used to do in Twitter i.e. mostly around 150 - 200 word posts with a link & occasional long-form outbursts. So that once Twitter becomes unusable I would still have some place to hang around.