Rough game (World Cup Quarters Day 1)

France vs Germany

Germans pushed and pushed deep into French defense. French mid-field was immensely robust. So there was this precarious deadlock most of the time. And some few chances that both of teams got was restricted by respective goalkeepers. So it was quality match without any fun.

And then there was one small window, Hummels did not miss that chance to put the ball behind net.

France tried hard in the second half. Missed few and blocked others by Neuer.

In the end German plan to have Lahm play more freely from back providing space for Khedira make play with Schweinsteiger resulted in confused French mid-field & defense. It was a battle of strategies that Germans won.

Brazil vs Colombia

Abrasive game by both of the teams. Especially by Brazil, surprisingly.

But fouls aside, Colombia never played like many were expecting from them. Their passes & ball possession were mediocre. James tried to show some skills in the mid-field by making chances for others and later taking the onus himself. However strangely Brazilian defense was in their place for the first time. Ironically both of the goals came from defensive players.

Luiz scored a stunner freekick, best so far. But the other goalscorer Silva made a grave mistake fouling and missing the next match.

But the shocker came when Neymar was fouled from back, lifted away in urgency and later being confirmed that he will no more play the world cup.

So Brazil will play Germany without their best attacking & best defensive player.

Its painful to watch the beautiful game being played so rough.