PGP - Signal Debate

I am a believer of emails being the right choice for serious conversations (especially when its not live). It makes the writer to think. Today’s situations need, more than ever, ways to keep those conversations hidden (from you know). PGP is an old, open, and proven choice to get that. And I am a strong believer of the same as well.

However PGP has not got its right share of footing in the world yet. So it has remained as a mean of few (mostly Hackers & Nerds). That should change. For it to happen people familiar with its highs and lows should talk, write and fight. Such conversations only can bring the right change both in thinking & doing.

Recently Filippo wrote that Signal can replace PGP. And then Bruce Schenier backed him. To me the thought sounded a bit strange. But the points raised against PGP are important to note and act upon. As a counter, Walkfield wrote a fine piece backing PGP. All of these view points will only help and should happen often.

In the mean time, I will say that Keybase is doing their best to spread the love of PGP. I am there. I hope others will join.