Million dollar question (World Cup Day 5)

When would Christiano Ronaldo be really playing in the World Cup for his country !!

Or Portugal would always be known as a country from where Ronaldo hailed and became one of the greatest footballer for some club.

Well as we will look for the answer to those questions in the days to come, Germany ,in the meantime, became another clear contender for the cup, along with Netherlands, during their match against Portugal.

Clinical passing & undettered determination on the art of game. Except for the drama with Pepe, Germans were highly focussed on showing their acumen in holding the ball till the opponents loose their patience & then penetrating with ease. It’s rare to see a team playing with most players showing no sign of tireness or fatigue till the final minutes of the game. They were both the players as well their own spectators.

It’s about time that Germany lift the cup in the open era. Long time coming.

In other matches, which I did not bother to see, USA took their revenge, sort of, against Ghana with the last minute goal.

And we got the first draw of the tournament in the match between Iran & Nigeria. These teams are like fillers so that FIFA remains in some good books.

It will take few more years for some of these teams to actually be World Cup worthy.