Functional Ladder

The LambdaConf guys came up with an interesting way to group Functional Programmers.

LOFP is a standardised progression of different concepts and skills that developers must master on their journey to becoming expert-level functional programmers

Too bad it made many developers, especially in Twitter, go mad. It’s not Politically Correct to call anyone by some kind of name these days, that was the biggest worry for most. People also said - most of the stuffs mentioned are really hard, placed in wrong order, will take years to learn, and does not matter.

I don’t agree. To me the note is important for anyone who cares for Functional Thinking and want to have a deep understanding of the same. It has directions to what one should know at each step and how to put use of the same. People must realise - It takes time to know something well.

However, I could think of one small thing to add - the instructions will make more sense for people who are fine with the idea of Typed Functional Programming (oh no!)