Bravehearts vs Champions

When Klopp came to Merseyside 3 years back he said his number one priority is to focus on defense. I wrote then that I wanted no miracles from him and rather let local fans let him do his thing. Now after 3 years, Klopp might not have fixed Liverpool’s defense but fans supported him on his weird player pickings, on-field fanaticism, and heavy-metal game play. And all that got us to the showdown tonight.

Last time when Liverpool won Champions League, I was in the final year of my undergrad with no access to a live game. I came to know of the achievement after many days. No enthusiasm. Since then, it was a dream to witness a similar situation. For me, playing a Champions League final is a much major achievement than any other league including winning the Premier League.

It’s nothing short of a miracle to reach this final with the current team. I would give most of the credit to Klopp (apart from the Salahs & Manes) for infusing the bravery among all of the players to believe that only way to win a game is by scoring goals. And no wonder Liverpool is the team with the most goals.

Whether Liverpool could continue the same fluidity & hunger for goals of the previous matches tonight against a team that are born to win this cup is not the point. The point is for how long they could do that. Longer they challenge Real, stronger the chances of glory.

I will be watching my dream come true tonight and would love if they could get the cup the sixth time. But it does not matter.

You will never walk alone