The Neophyte's Guide to Scala series as one eBook

The awesome series by Daniel Westheide is now a complete eBook at LeanPub (they are awesome in these kind of publications).

You’re excited about Scala and functional programming, but existing resources for beginners have raised a bunch of questions and failed to answer them? Advanced resources are assuming too much and are like techno-babble from some sci-fi series to you? The Neophyte’s Guide to Scala may be exactly what you are looking for then, targeting not-quite-beginners who want to delve deeper into Scala and functional programming.

I go back to it almost every day. Daniel did end the series couple of years back but they are still highly relevant today and especially for people who don’t have the requisite skills to understand all the categorical magic going under the hood.

With all the value I derive from it, I chose to pay for this anyway free book so that Daniel could produce such excellent stuff in future.