Overcast 2

Overcast is my most used app. In my opinion it’s one of those hallmark apps which epitomises “build what you love, love what you build” mantra of software creation. Overcast is the result of Marco’s impending love for podcasts and zeal to build pragmatic user experiences.

The 2nd generation of it hit app stores today and whatever less I’ve used, it looks the same. And that’s where the comparisons end. It’s blazingly fast, fluid and the configuration screen is dense but won’t require an eBook.

Oh, it now supports streaming, which I don’t care much. I am from that part of the world where LTE is still considered a luxury.

But the most interesting thing is its new pricing model. Marco says it’s his crazy new business model

If you can pay, I’m trying to make up the revenue difference by offering a simple $1 monthly patronage. It’s completely optional, it doesn’t get you any additional features, and it doesn’t even auto-renew — it’s just a direct way to support Overcast’s ongoing development and hosting without having to make the app terrible for 80% of its users.

To me this is how it’s supposed to be. Kudos to Marco, hope my 12 months patronage would make him add more awesomeness to it.