New Man at Merseyside

Is he the saviour!

He is young, German and came from nowhere. Juergen Klopp may be the right choice for Liverpool, may be not. He might infuse enthusiasm & character to the side which right now is like Tom Hanks’ character from Cast Away. But what he can’t do is produce miracles, which many had expected from Mr. Rodgers as well. Rodgers’ rise was monumental as was his fall. But to me, he just suffered from relying on handful of volatile characters like Suarez, Sturridge & Sterling. And then Gerrard left.

This answer of Klopp is exactly what Liverpool need now (emphasis mine)

Can you tell us what style of play we can expect?

A wild one [laughs]. In football, all the world-class teams play possession football, that’s cool. I like to watch this; Bayern Munich, great team, great club; Barcelona, yes; Real Madrid; maybe on some days, Manchester City. But nobody starts as a ball possession team. You cannot start and say ‘OK, we have the ball and the other players have to wait’. The first thing, always, maybe in life, you need to have a stable defence. That’s the first thing, always.

Hope that he would stick to his guns & the fans allow him to do so.