Taking Medium To The Next Level

Evan Williams:

I’m proud of where we are, but, as I like to say: There’s always another level. Another level of polish and power in our product. Another level of breadth to our content. Another level of dialogue and discussion. And another level of progress. Today, we are announcing a slew of updates to bring Medium to the next level and in the process make it more powerful, more fun, more democratic, and more essential.

Here’s what’s new:

I like the way Medium has changed the consumption as well as creation of textual content on web. And these latest announcements would further enhance it’s impact. Especially to people like me who dream for consolidated publishing - where I own the content and use different platforms to distribute the same.

Couple of things that are interesting

  • Medium’s conversation model is unique and hopefully would add value to my content without me loosing my peace managing comment trolls.

  • Last part is visibility. I don’t want to be incredibly visible which might put unnecessary pressure to continuously post (I’m no writer) but I would also like people to read and respond in an environment which is meant for reading and participation. Facebook is clearly not that place, to me. Twitter mandate brevity (to a very uncomfortable extent). Medium, to me, is that right place; right now.